Changing the world one bike at a time

More than “just” providing a win-win for students and companies, we wanted to take our idea one step further. We wanted to add a strong charity component that students could easily relate to, and shift the focus from only being a free service to an opportunity to be part of something good.

We decided to partner with Bikes for the World, the largest bike charity in the US, to help donate bikes to children living in remote villages in the Philippines. Without any means of transportation, commuting to school can be a big challenge, and in some cases children must drop out of school due to the long distance.

We made our first bike donation in late spring of 2013, as our first batch of riders returned their bikes by the end of the school year. Each student received a diploma representing the donation of a bike, thus in a symbolic manner their free bike was being passed on to someone else.

In a similar way we made two additional donations in 2014 and 2015 and established a stronger friendship with Bikes for the World, who generously let us use some of their storage space. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their amazing mission and organization at

Students receiving diploma after donating a bike