Draper University

Our sincere thanks to Tim Draper, who invested in our company, which enabled us to take our concept to the next level. We couldn't have done this without you. A huge thanks to Draper University and its staff as well for broadening our perspective, and supporting us  

throughout the years. Your education is truly one of a kind and has changed the lives of many, including ours. We are proud to be part of the rapidly growing community that you have created. We can't wait to see what companies will come out of your program!


Bikes for the World

A big thanks to Bikes for the World, especially Taylor, Yvette and Keith, for allowing us to be part of your amazing organization and use your giant warehouse in DC on multiple occasions. There is nothing quite like loading several thousand bikes onto containers, 

knowing that each one of them will end up in the hands of someone who really needs it. Also, congratulations on reaching an incredible 100,000 donated bikes in 2014! We hope to remain friends and will continue to support your awesome mission whenever possible!