Thanks to the people who lend us their time to help us reach our goals and discover new ones.

Special thanks to:


Albert Napoli

Albert Napoli: 

For being a great mentor and adviser and for making us believe anything is possible.

Eddie Tinoco

Eddie Tinoco: 

For being there in the middle of the night building bikes and for opening the doors in Vegas.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone: 

For helping us with video-related work and for being a friend from beginning to end.

Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider: 

For helping us during the first launch and for lending us your creativity when making scripts.

Helena Yli-Renko

Helena Yli-Renko: 

For being our mentor and adviser and for putting in a good word for us.

Rex Kovachevich

Rex Kovachevich: 

For being our professor and for helping us get approval for the first launch.

Arnaud J Roger

Arnaud J Roger: 

For spending two months with us out in the dry heat talking to students and building bikes.

Laura Quirk

Laura Quirk: 

For lending us your amazing acting and modelling skills, twice.

Sean O'connell

Sean O’connell: 

For helping Kim make it to the US in the first place and for helping with school policies.

Danny Erb

Danny Erb: 

For helping us make our very first video, before we had any real footage.

Marc Fernandez

Marc Fernandez: 

For helping us perfect our pitch and for lending us your backyard over the summer.

Tommy Knapp

Tommy Knapp: 

For being a great mentor and adviser and for asking all the tough questions.