Thanks to all the riders who joined our cause and helped support free green transportation.



Vivian Chen

Vivian Chen - Stanford: "FreeBike Project is a creative solution for students! It provides a budget friendly form of quick flexible transportation around campus. The bike itself is an awesome single speed and through FreeBike Project, bike maintenance is really simple! Totally stress free. I definitely enjoy using my free bike! I would recommend it to any student!"

Diana Tang

Diana Tang - Boston University: "I can’t be more ecstatic about the FreeBike Project! Everyone always asks how I got my bike (because it’s an amazing bike) and I’m more than happy to tell them that I got it for free. All I’m really expected to do is enjoy it. The program is pure genius and I couldn’t be happier! Also, the people running the program are extremely kind and helpful." 

Katie Doroucher

Katie Doroucher - University of Southern California: "The social aspect of FreeBike Project is something that I really wanted to be part of. Oh, and it's also really cool to be riding with Tiesto and Marina and the Diamonds and get free tickets to the shows! It's a great concept and you get approached all the time by strangers asking how to get one. Happy to be riding!"

Christina Zhang

Christian Zhang - Northwestern University: "The FreeBike Project has been so helpful to me this year! Getting the bike was painless. All I had to do was pick it up on campus and then I had a bike to ride for the rest of the school year. The bike is so useful because I’m usually running late to wherever I’m going, but the bike helps cut my travel time in half. I also think that the monthly instagram “themes” to promote the bikes are really fun!"

Ashwin Vadivel

Ashwin Vadivel - Georgia Tech: "I needed a bike to get around campus, but most bikes were either ridiculously expensive or cheap but of poor quality. The people at FreeBike Project have found a way to provide high quality, low maintenance bikes for absolutely free. Had a breeze getting around campus this year. All this for FREE too. Glad I joined the FreeBike Movement."

Kelly Zhang

Kelly Zhang - Harvard: "The FreeBIke Project is an incredibly innovative win-win-win situation. First, I as a Harvard college student can ride my bike to class, work, and all around campus, while, second, companies get quite some attention from their ads. Third and best of all, the profits help make transportation for students in remote places possible, which makes the project all the more meaningful."

Maggie Bryant

Maggie Bryant - George Washington University: "FreeBike Project is such an awesome organization, especially for college students who participate together. It has given my friend and I an excuse to get off campus to explore and test our creativity in new ways. I'm glad to be a part of this organization and the experience so far has been nothing short of amazing!"

Eva Boal

Eva Boal - MIT: "The FreeBike Project is awesome - it’s super convenient and made having a bike on campus affordable. The pictures can be as silly or creative as you want them to be, making the whole thing fun. You also feel that the people really care about you. The experience so far has been very personal and the free maintenance is a huge plus as well."